6 tips to keep your hair in perfect shape all day long

Học ngay 6 mẹo giữ nếp tóc trọn vẹn suốt cả ngày

Hairstyle doesn't last long due to wrong method?

Many people also encounter the same problem, their hairstyle is not easy to style after styling but they don't know how to solve it. So what should we do to keep our hair in shape? VNAMALL will tell you 6 tips to keep your hair in shape for a long time, helping the volume and shape of your hair to be maintained longer. You definitely have to learn!

6 tips to keep your hair in perfect shape all day long

Tips to keep your hair in shape 1 – Choose the right hair care products and use them properly

Many of you with soft and unmanageable hair feel like you can only choose between "hair care" and "bouncy styling"?

If you want your curls to last longer, you should minimize the amount of conditioner you use or use a lighter conditioner.

The reason is that using too many hair care products easily causes the hair to be over-moisturized, causing the hair to gain weight, sometimes accidentally touching the hair roots, causing the hair to easily become flat.

If your ends are really damaged, you can also switch to hair care products that don't require rinsing. Focusing more on the ends of damaged hair can prevent hair care products from contacting the scalp, leading to oiliness.

Using too many hair care products can easily cause the hair to be over-moisturized, causing the hair to gain weight, sometimes accidentally touching the roots, causing the hair to easily fall flat.

Hair maintenance tip 2 – Do not heat style before drying

If you want your hairstyle to last longer, be sure to dry your hair completely before doing any styling.

Because, when your hair is half dry, any curls you create cannot be styled. At the same time, using hot styling tools when your hair is still wet will cause hair to be easily damaged.

Tips to keep your hair in shape 3 – Use styling products as a base layer

Before and after curling your hair, to create a more voluminous hairstyle, you can use it styling products has light volume and styling such as: light mousse, light styling solution to create a base layer.

The main action of the base is to change the texture of the hair, making it thicker and coarser. Then use heat styling tools to style. This way your hair will be less likely to fall flat after styling.

Tips to keep your hair in shape 4 – Pay attention to the temperature of hair styling tools

Styling temperature is an important link that affects the curl and straightness of hair. When the temperature is too low, it is difficult for the hair to curl quickly. At the same time, you will have to style it many times, which will damage the hair quality!

The most ideal and perfect temperature that can be controlled is 180 degrees. Because this temperature can help change hairstyles quickly. At the same time, it does not cause dyed hair color to fade quickly.

You should use heat-resistant styling products before styling to avoid heat damage.

Tips to keep your hair in shape 5 – Take a moderate amount of hair each time you style it

When using hair styling tools, don't take too many strands of hair just to make it quick. When the amount of hair is too thick, you need to keep the heat longer to heat each strand of hair. Meanwhile, prolonging the heat retention time on the hair will also increase hair damage. So you need to pay special attention to this issue.

The heating time is too short, and the hair will gradually become straight or frizzy after styling. This is one of the reasons why hairstyles don't last long!

Hair retention tip 6 – Use “Hair Hold Setting Spray”

After styling, use “Hair Hold Setting Spray” to enhance the styling effect. This will help your perfect hairstyle last longer!

The advantage of using hairspray is that it holds the hair in place for a long time. When curling your hair, if you want to increase the feeling of volume, you should use a shaping spray. Spray all hair evenly without missing any parts with a setting spray. You can complete your curly hairstyle with a bouncy, light feeling in just a blink of an eye. After spraying, just use your hands to stroke your hair to create natural curls.

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