Quick first aid for oily, sticky hair

Bỏ túi ngay cách sơ cứu cấp tốc dành cho tóc dầu, bết dính

Has any girl ever had an experience like this? When going out, to keep her hair fragrant all day, she has to get up early to wash her hair but still cannot beat the sleepiness and has to press the alarm clock over and over again. Finally, after waking up, I don't have time to wash my hair. I'm in a hurry to do my makeup and hair, so how do I have time to wash my hair!! :((((( But your scalp is easily sticky, what should you doyyy~? VNAMALL will help you rescue your sticky scalp with just a few "tricks" below. Just bring along your "saviors" There's no need to worry when you go out~~~

#Savior 1|Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is definitely the top choice for first aid for oily scalps! Currently, there are also many companies launching carry-on bottles. Just carrying a small bottle with you is no problem. Can be sprayed at any time, just about 30cm away from the scalp to spray. Spray on the bangs or top of the head, where oil is easily secreted, then use your hands to massage and gently stroke the areas with white powder to dissolve. When you need to go out and don't have time to wash your hair, just prepare a bottle and take it away, super convenient!

Save oily hair with Dry Shampoo

#Savior 2|Powder

Then there are the wonderful uses of makeup products. Powder can control oil on the face, and can also be used as a savior for oily hair. Especially for girls with oily hair who don't have dry shampoo, there will always be pressed powder or loose powder in their bag. Are not? Use a puff dipped in powder, gently pat on the top of the head, after gently patting, use your hands to stroke and spread evenly the areas where the powder is too dense, the oily hair will disappear immediately.

Save oily hair with powder

#Savior 3|Baby powder

The miraculous effect of talcum powder that is widely spread online is to use it as dry shampoo. Sprinkle on the top of the head and pat gently to absorb oil like powder, making hair smooth and not sticky. Although the amount of powder is large, it is still very useful when used in emergencies.

Save oily hair with Baby Powder

After reading today's article, oily-haired girls will know what to do next time they go out~! However, these are only temporary rescue methods in an emergency, you still need to take good care of your scalp, washing with oil control shampoo is the best daily maintenance method!

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