Hair dye spray: All you need to know about these essentials

Xịt nhuộm tóc: Tất cả những gì bạn cần biết về những điều cần thiết này

Until now, hair dye spray has always been a powerful ally in hair styling products. And in recent years, the aerosol market has increased its offerings of hair color products. They provide effective, quick and complementary solutions to permanent or semi-permanent hair colorants.

1. Root touching spray:

This is the main product for coloring hair roots. Use for both people who dye their hair and those who are starting to have gray hair.

Indeed, after permanent hair dye, when the hair grows back, it will reveal the natural color of the roots. These products are used to delay your next visit to the hairdresser. Apply this product to your roots and your hair color will achieve the desired effect.

The colors vary and the range depends on the color you want to coat first.

Some usage tips:

1. Cover your shoulders with a towel to protect your clothes.
2. Shake the product thoroughly before use. Keep the product upright.
3. Apply to dry, styled hair.
4. Spray 15cm away from hair with light pressure.
5. Don't spray too much, a small amount is enough.

2. Temporary hair dye spray:

This is a more entertaining product in nature. Want to change your look in an evening or a few days? You don't need to dye your hair and wait for the next time you go to the hairdresser to get your natural color back.

Temporary hair dye spray

Depending on the amount and concentration of dye in the spray, with one shampoo or more you will find your natural color.

Some classic colors are: Yellow hook, brown... But there are also more intense and less popular colors: Turquoise blue, orange red,...

You can unleash your creativity and imagination with these colors.

This is a product that dries very quickly and gives instant results. Can be used for all hair types.

For advice on usage, follow the same recommendations as in the first section.

3. Colored dry shampoo:

Using dry shampoo also helps you create space when washing, helping the color last longer.

This product provides quick results. The powder absorbs hair sebum directly onto the color. This will help you avoid dandruff after using dry shampoo. In addition, there is also a temporary effect on the color of the hair roots.

You should spray 30cm away from the hairline. Don't forget to rinse your hair because after all, it's shampoo. Like any shampoo, it needs to be washed out at some point or another.

Colored dry shampoo

4. Common limitations and advice:

  • In case of dry hair

For very dry hair, this type of dyeing has the risk of affecting hair health. Color sprays can penetrate the outside of the hair follicles, which will make washing your hair more difficult than before.

  • In case of allergies

These products have less risk than permanent or semi-permanent colorants. Because they contain less harsh chemicals (e.g. ammonia).

If you think you are at risk of having an allergic reaction to these products, you should test a small amount of product on your hand for 48 hours. This will allow you to evaluate definitively.

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