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Robusta Real Bean Coffee - Powder blending/Machine brewing

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Robusta Real Bean Coffee - Powder blending/Machine brewing

Robusta Real Bean Coffee - Powder blending/Machine brewing

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  • Product name: Robusta Coffee - Pure Roasted and Grinded Specialty Coffee
  • Ingredients: Robusta
  • Place of production: Di Linh, Lam Dong
  • Raw material areas: Dak Lak and Di Linh
  • Expiry date: 12 months (DATE ALWAYS NEW)




  • Rustic roasted coffee, not roasted with flavorings or additives. Guaranteed pure taste from coffee beans.
  • Coffee is clean and good for consumers' health. Delicious, rich flavor.
  • Moderate caffeine content, suitable for all customers.
  • Quick filter preparation and original flavor typical of traditional coffee tastes.
  • Packaging made of kraft paper, environmentally friendly.




  • Filtered coffee products
    • Step 1: Rinse the filter and coffee cup with hot water.
    • Step 2: Put 25g of ground coffee into the filter (about 3 teaspoons).
    • Step 3: Place the filter on top of the glass. Pour 30ml of boiling water into the filter and wait 2-3 minutes.
    • Step 4: Press the lid tightly and pour 50ml of boiling water into the filter.
    • Step 5: Let the coffee drip slowly
    • Step 6: Add sugar or ice if desired.
  • Machine-brewed coffee products
    • Step 1: Take 9-13g for single shot (Single Shot) and 15-22g for double shot (Double Shot).
    • Step 2: Flatten the coffee surface, then press with sufficient force.
    • Step 3: Insert the brewing arm into the machine and extract coffee.
  • Total extraction time: 25s-30s.
  • The amount of coffee extracted is 30-35ml.




  • 100% Pure Coffee Originated in Dak Lak and Di Linh.
  • Quality criteria: TCVN ISO 22000:2007
  • The product is certified with Vietnamese Specialty Coffee, ISO 9001, HACCP.
  • Do not use additives or preservatives, ensuring food hygiene and safety.
  • Warranty and return if the product does not meet quality standards within 15 days after receiving the goods.

Note: Return packages must be carefully packaged before sending, with labels intact.



Delivery time: From 2 - 3 working days.

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