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Sexylook enzyme facial cleanser 120ml

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Sexylook enzyme facial cleanser 120ml

Sexylook enzyme facial cleanser 120ml


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  • PEELMOIST™ Papaya Enzyme Moisturizer: moisturizer extracted from papaya
  • Keratoline™ C PS Bacteria Enzyme: a mild enzymatic exfoliant that replaces AHA, resulting in younger, healthier skin.
  • Extracted from fruits (Blueberry, strawberry, pineapple, grapefruit, red pomegranate, lemon, berry, gooseberry)
  • Tranexamic Acid: Whitening ingredient that can be used safely, helps prevent dark spots and brings freshness to the skin.
  • AQUAXYL™: includes three naturally occurring sugars found in fruits, vegetables and gluten-free plants. Not only does it moisturize, but it also optimizes the skin's ability to retain moisture by increasing NMFs (skin's natural moisturizing factors) such as Hyaluronic Acid and Chondroitin Sulfate present in the skin. On the other hand, it also limits skin moisture loss by improving the skin's natural moisturizing layer with lipid components (Ceramides and Cholesterol), and protein synthesis.
  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA): super molecule HA quickly penetrates deep into the skin, connecting with collagen to strengthen the skin structure, keep the skin moisturized longer, and prevent evaporation on the epidermal surface.
  • Vitamin B3: helps regulate the amount of oil on the skin, supports acne treatment, improves aging problems and brightens the skin, fading dark spots.
  • Vitamin B5: functions to retain water and protect the skin barrier; Helps reduce skin redness, inflammation, and soothes skin wounds; Helps inhibit melanin, thereby limiting the formation of brown spots and dark spots, making the skin more even and brighter.


  • Removes dirt and excess oil from the skin
  • Deeply cleans pores with super smooth foam formula
  • Supports skin brightening
  • Reduces skin problems: acne, blackheads, sebum fibers,...

Actual volume: 120g/tube

Packaging: 1 tube/box

Ingredients: See “Ingredients” on packaging

Date of manufacture/Expiry date: 3 years from date of manufacture

Storage: Avoid storing in high temperatures or direct sunlight.

Origin: Taiwan.

Delivery time: From 2 - 3 working days.

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