*** VNAMALL applies a warranty policy to Customers when purchasing products in the following categories: machinery, components, and electronic equipment provided by Brands/Manufacturers/Suppliers cooperating with VNAMALL (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Sellers").

*** Each different product will have its own separate warranty policy according to the warranty policy of each Seller, which is disclosed to Customers on each VNAMALL product page. VNAMALL is responsible for assisting Customers in handling the warranty process.

*** We recommend that Customers record a video when unpacking the product and another video during the initial use to protect the rights of Customers in unforeseen dispute situations.


1.1. The product is warranted free of charge if it meets the criteria specified by the Seller, as follows:

  • The product has a technical defect attributable to the Seller.
  • The product is still within the warranty period (as stated on the warranty certificate or in the electronic warranty system).
  • The Customer provides proof of purchase and purchase history (order confirmation, order number, purchase receipt or warranty certificate, invoice).
  • According to the regulations of some Sellers, for household electrical products, the warranty certificate and/or manufacturer's seal on the product must remain intact.
  • Other conditions may vary depending on the specific regulations of each Seller and are explicitly disclosed on the product's storefront.

Note: All cases where customers report unclear or uncertain information about defects must be submitted to VNAMALL's Warranty Center for assessment before a decision is made to send the product to the manufacturer for repair or replacement.

1.2. The product is not covered under warranty or may incur warranty fees in the following cases:

  • Does not meet one of the conditions for free warranty as stated in Section 1.1.
  • Invalid serial number or product model (does not match the information on the warranty certificate or purchase receipt, or in the electronic warranty system).
  • Customer intervenes in repairing the product or repairs it at service centers not authorized by the Seller.
  • Product damage caused by user error that falls outside the scope of warranty coverage provided by the Seller.


The warranty period is calculated from the date of product receipt or the date the customer confirms receipt, depending on each product from different Sellers.

For electronic warranty products, the warranty period is calculated from the activation date of the electronic warranty.

Note: Customers can request VAT invoices from VNAMALL's Customer Care Department for support.



Information about the Service Center of the Vendor will be provided in the warranty certificate accompanying the product or in the detailed product description section.

Customers can:

  • Contact the Vendor's service center directly for the quickest assistance.
  • Contact VNAMALL's Warranty Center through VNAMALL's Customer Care Department for VNAMALL to receive information and assist the Customer in dealing with the vendor's service center.

In case Customers encounter difficulties contacting or accessing the vendor's service center, they can contact VNAMALL's Customer Care Department for further assistance.



4.1. Warranty at the Seller's Center

VNAMALL encourages Customers to directly send the product to the service center of the vendor specified in the detailed product description for expedited warranty support.

The average warranty processing time varies from a few days to a few weeks depending on the Customer's warranty request and the availability of components at the vendor's service centers. The vendor's service center will provide specific notifications to Customers regarding the process.

4.2. Warranty through VNAMALL

In case the Customer sends the product for warranty to VNAMALL, we will send a confirmation notification once we receive the product from the Customer. Subsequently, VNAMALL will act on behalf of the Customer to liaise with the vendor.

Please note that VNAMALL receiving the product from the Customer does not automatically mean that the product will be repaired under warranty or free of charge. Warranty services will adhere to VNAMALL's and each vendor's specific policies.

The estimated warranty processing time for Customer's products ranges from 20 to 45 working days from the date VNAMALL receives the product, depending on the Customer's warranty request and component availability at the vendor's service centers.

VNAMALL will provide detailed updates to the Customer once information is received from the vendor's service center.

* For any details or inquiries, customers please contact VNAMALL's Customer Care Department at:

  • Email: service@skydragoninvestment.com
  • Phone number: 0866426986