Home Multi-function cleaning pen (headset/phone) Robot RMC10

Multi-function cleaning pen (headset/phone) Robot RMC10

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Multi-function cleaning pen (headset/phone) Robot RMC10

Multi-function cleaning pen (headset/phone) Robot RMC10


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  • Precision cleaning: Headphone cleaning pens often come with a brush or small brush head, designed to clean small and hard-to-reach crevices on headphones where dirt and sebum easily accumulate.
  • Removes dust and debris: The cleaning pen helps remove dust, hair and debris from the headphones, helping to maintain sound quality and comfort.
  • Prevents sound interference: Dirt and oil from the scalp can stick to the headphone speakers and interfere with sound quality. Sanitary pens help prevent this condition.
  • Keep your headphones clean and hygienic: The cleaning pen is an effective tool to keep your headphones clean, avoiding scalp irritation or bacteria.
  • Increase headphone longevity: Keeping your headphones clean can help increase their lifespan and maintain high sound quality over time.
  • Suitable for many types of headphones: Cleaning pens are often designed to be flexible to fit many different types of headphones, including in-ear and over-ear headphones.
  • Compact design: Cleaning pens often have a compact design and are easy to carry anywhere, helping you conveniently maintain headset hygiene.
  • Easy to use: You just need to use the brush head or small brush head of the cleaning pen to clean the crevices and surfaces of the headphones.


  • Model: Robot RMC10
  • Headphone, phone, tablet cleaning tool
  • 2-head design, cleans every corner with 360-degree rotating head
  • Pen body design includes: sponge, fluff, pen tip, pen cap
  • From China


  • 12-month warranty period
  • Warranty basis: product packaging
  • Warranty does not apply if:
    • No damage was found.
    • Damage due to external factors.
    • Damage due to misuse (drops, scratches, stains, breakage, contact with water...)

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